10 Easy Essays You Can Whip Out in No Time Flat

By MaryEllen Tribby

Ever notice how certain types of essays tend to almost always get wildly popular among the readers?

Obviously, this popularity is going to be based on a variety of factors, such as the author’s writing style and the topic.

However, sometimes essays gain traction because the readers just love the style of essay, such as a rant or a helpful “how to” essay.

That’s why today I’ve pulled together 10 types of essays that get real results, real fast.

1: The Step-By-Step “How To” Essay

This is just what it sounds like – you offer “how to” instruction to your readers in a step-by-step format. Basically, you solve a problem by explaining to your readers how to complete a specific process.

2: The Top 10 Tips Essay

People LOVE tips. That’s why popular magazines like Reader’s Digest always carry “tips” articles. And that’s why authors write entire books that are nothing but tips (e.g., “101 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job”).

Now you can tap into the popularity of tips by creating your own “Top 10 Tips” article for your blog.

3: The News Story Essay

This essay isn’t just about you linking to a niche-relevant news story. In order to make this essay truly worthwhile and relevant to your readers, you also need to add your own commentary.

You need to tell your readers why they should care and/or how the news affects them.

4: The Controversial Essay

The idea here is to take a stand on a hot, controversial topic.

Yes, it’s possible that picking sides might have you polarizing your audience. But if you do it right, then you’ll draw your most targeted prospects even closer to you.

And either way, you may drum up a little buzz and publicity for your blog.

5: The “Responding to Criticism” Essay

Once you start getting popular in your niche, you’re bound to have a few people start criticizing you.

That’s normal – you become a target as your visibility raises in the niche. And usually your critics are just your competitors trying to carve out a bigger piece of the niche for themselves.

However, you can turn criticism into an opportunity by creating an essay which addresses this criticism. (By the way, this is REALLY fun.)

6: The “Top Mistakes to Avoid” Essay

This is a popular style of essay, simply because no one likes to make mistakes. And so if you can teach people how to avoid mistakes (thus saving them time and/or money and/or frustration), they’ll eagerly consume your content.

7: The Resources Essay

Here’s yet another style of essays that readers tend to really enjoy. That’s because you save your readers time by pulling together a list of the best books, tools or other resources (free and paid) that you recommend that everyone in the niche use.

8: The Case Study Essay

This is a great essay to use if you’re promoting a product. That’s because a case study provides actual proof that a product or service works just the way you said it would.

9: The Product Review Essay

Just as the name of this essay suggests, this is where you review a product for your readers. The key to a great product review is to discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of the offer.

10: The Direct-Sale Promotional Essay

You’re probably going to essay useful “how to” and other informational essays on your blog most of the time. But occasionally you’ll want to tell your readers about an offer and its benefits. That’s where the direct-sale promotional essay comes in.

11: The Excerpt Essay

And I have a bonus 11th example for you! In the excerpt essay, you take part of a program or book you already have, and rework it into an essay. This is exactly what I did with this essay.

In my product, Content Profit Machine, I have a section called, “10 High-Read Blog Posts (With Examples).” So I took out the examples and changed the “blog posts” into “essays.”

(If you want to see the original, including the 10 example blog posts, be sure to get your copy of Content Profit Machine here.)

Congratulations – you now know the top essays that get results! Best of all, you can re-use these styles as often as you want. And every time you share fresh content using one of these formats, you’ll see a boost in excitement, comments and trackbacks.

So try it out for yourself and see – you’ll be surprised what these essays can do for your inbox magazine!


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