10 Easy Essays You Can Whip Out in No Time Flat

By MaryEllen Tribby Ever notice how certain types of essays tend to almost always get wildly popular among the readers? Obviously, this popularity is going to be based on a variety of factors, such as the author’s writing style and the topic. However, sometimes essays gain traction because the readers just love the style of […]

Natural Copywriting for (Way) More Sales

By MaryEllen Tribby When it comes to writing sales pages, squeeze pages and other online forms of persuasion many people freeze in their tracks. They’re afraid if they don’t get just the right (perfect) formula they won’t sell a thing. While it is true that you need to get it right. However, you certainly don’t […]

Prospecting with Scissors

By Bob Bly Though I don’t think I invented it, I’m one of an extremely small group of people who use this little-known marketing channel to stay in touch with clients and prospects. I call it “strategic clipping.” How it works is simple…. Whenever you come across an article in a magazine or newspaper that […]

How to Do a Simple ROI (Return On Investment) Assessment BEFORE You Outsource Any Task

By Melissa Ingold With my current team already busy with various monthly tasks and projects, I’ve been searching for my next hire – someone to assist me in posting content across my social media platforms. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found the right person. Actually…that’s not completely true. I’ve been in touch with some amazing women […]

9 Steps to Stellar Copy

By Dan Kennedy If there’s a single skill needed to make your direct response marketing flourish, it’s the ability to either write sales copy OR at least be able to recognize good copy. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the foundational principles of direct response copywriting that you can go back to […]

The Worst Prospecting Technique Ever Invented

By Bob Bly This happens to me with some regularity: A person emails to criticize something I have produced — often a book, ebook, info product, or one of my landing pages or web sites. Sometimes they are nice … but more often, a bit snarky. And wouldn’t you know it, almost all of these […]

Your Big Payday Formula

By MaryEllen Tribby Owning a business is much like owning a boat. The joke is that the best two days of a boat owner’s life are the day you buy a boat and the day you sell it. Whether that’s your goal or not, whether you think this might be your eventual goal, it’s still […]

Stay Motivated When You Focus on the Benefits & Not On the Problems

By MaryEllen Tribby Staying motivated when trying to reach a goal is one of the most difficult things to do. The long-term goal can seem too far off and difficult to reach. A much better option is to focus on short-term benefits along the way.   We’ve all had them. Goals we set that we […]

The “Dough” Is Not in “The List”

By MaryEllen Tribby Email marketing is essential for every online business, regardless of the niche or category. In fact, it is my favorite channel for marketing online. One you should use to experience real and lasting success with your business. But I don’t believe “The money is in the list.” I believe “The money is […]

Sell More When You Attract the Right Subscribers

By MaryEllen Tribby Before you can use email marketing to build relationships with prospects, you must begin by building your community properly. That starts with attracting the right people to become subscribers. If you cast your net too wide, you’ll get a lot of uninterested and unresponsive people on your list. Instead you want to […]