How a VA Can Be Rocket Fuel for Your Business

By Daven Michaels

Lots of entrepreneurs use Virtual Assistants to help with a wide range of tasks. Data input, research, customer support, technical troubleshooting…

Chances are, you’ve already outsourced one or two tasks from that list.

But there is still one business activity of which a lot of entrepreneurs have a hard time letting go…

Social Media.

This has always seemed strange to me because social media can quickly become the largest time vacuum in the work day. But still I hear the same old excuses time after time…

Excuse #1: I don’t trust anyone doing my work for me.
Excuse #2: I can do it faster myself.
Excuse #3: I don’t have time to train an assistant.
Excuse #4: I don’t know if I can come up with 40 hours worth of work for them each week.

Have you ever used any these excuses to justify not outsourcing your social media?

Well guess what? It’s time to finally unburden your shoulders from some of that social media weight. I’m going to take a few minutes to address each of those concerns, and prove to you that outsourcing your social media is completely worth it.

Excuse #1: I don’t trust anyone doing my work for me.

I don’t have much to say for this…

The obvious flaw in the argument is that if you try to do ALL the work yourself, you’ll never be able to grow.

Case closed.

Excuse #2: I can do it faster myself.

Well, yes, perhaps you can. But hanging your hat on that fact means you aren’t valuing your own time.

Think about it this way…

We’ll even use conservative numbers and say your time is worth $22/hour. And let’s say that it takes your virtual assistant twice as long as you to schedule a batch of Facebook and Twitter posts.

If you’re paying them $6 /hour, you’d still GAIN $10/hour by outsourcing the task. So, you might as well grab a stack of $10 bills and set one on fire every hour that you decide to log into Hootsuite yourself.

Excuse #3: I don’t have time to train an assistant.

The solution is simple… just record each thing you do, as you’re doing it. You’ll soon have an operations manual of step-by-step systems that anybody can follow when working for your business.

Provide your VA with those systems to follow just once, and you’ve automated your social media for the rest of your LIFE!

Also, think about the power of investing just a few minutes to train your virtual assistant to complete each task that drains your time. This is the ultimate leverage.

And really the question is, can you afford to NOT train your VA in repetitive tasks that suck away your time and energy?

Excuse #4: I don’t know if I can come up with 40 hours worth of work for them each week.

There are literally hundreds of tasks that your virtual assistant can take off your plate immediately and handle for you on any given day.

Your social media is no different. Here is just a short list of social media activities that you’re wasting time on:

  • Research
  • Number crunching
  • Posting and reposting
  • Commenting
  • Followup
  • Support
  • Writing
  • Image Design
  • Hanging out on Facebook or Twitter because you became distracted.

Not to mention, a superior outsourcing firm will always provide work for your virtual assistant in their “down time” that will actually monetize them for YOU.

That is, when you don’t have work for your VA, the outsourcing company will provide work for them on your behalf — such as promoting an affiliate program where YOU would get paid ongoing commissions for sales they help you generate — without your even assigning work to them.

So, in theory, you could end up earning more per month than you actually pay your VA, without your even assigning them a single task.

BONUS EXCUSE #5: I’m not still not sure that the time and effort I put into managing a VA to help with my social media is worth it.

This is where it gets real. Because if you’re STILL not convinced that you need to outsource your social media… it probably means you’re doing social media wrong.

If you aren’t getting any real, measurable value from your social media efforts, then your entire strategy is a major waste of time.

Sorry to bring the hammer down like that, but you need to stop using Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn with unquantifiable goals “branding” and “exposure.”

Chasing likes and follows doesn’t necessarily equate with growing your tribe and bringing in more customers.

Can you put a value on each of your likes/follows/clicks?

Do you know exactly what the life cycle of a social media lead looks like?

If not, why are you even using social media?

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