How to Prepare Content Super F.A.S.T.

By MaryEllen Tribby

I want to share how to quickly write content without sacrificing quality and without overtaxing your brain.

I’ve been using this concept for years.

It’s called “recycling” or “repurposing”.

The idea is fairly simple – The process of taking existing content and using it in another format or fashion.

A few quick examples include –

  • Recording mp3s of the content from an ebook and selling it as an audio product.
  • Extracting content from an ebook to your inbox magazine articles.
  • Converting the content of an ebook into a workshop or seminar presentation.

I’ve always been a big believer in getting the most mileage from your effort. Done correctly, this can be a big asset for you, as well as a big time-saver. Done incorrectly, and you become the king or queen of “rehashing”.

There’s a big, big difference between recycled content and rehashed content.

That’s what we’ll be talking about today.

Let me explain it to you by using a simple acronym…

How To Prepare Content Super F.A.S.T.™

There are four basic ways that I use the concept of “recycling” content in my own business which I describe by using the acronym F.A.S.T.™…

F – FIND appropriate excerpts.
A – ADD to free materials.
S – SWIPE other people’s content.
T – TRANSCRIBE your rants.

Let’s talk about each of these four options and how they can be used to create your own content super “fast”…

1. FIND appropriate excerpts

Do you have existing products related to your topic? Feel free to excerpt portions of those products as essays.

(This is exactly what I’m doing with this essay. The actual report in Module 1 of Content Profit Machine LINK is 7 pages long and I’ll pulled out part of it for you today.)

2. ADD to free materials

The next option that I use is to “add to free materials”.

In other words –

You take existing content that you’ve previously made available for free and you contribute additional content to further explain and enhance it.

3. SWIPE other people’s content

Why not ask for permission to “borrow” a portion of someone else’s content in order to create your next article? That is, you find a 3-5 pages of information from someone else’s paid product and ask the copyright owner (aka “author”) if you can include it as an article for your site.

Instant high-quality content. Now that’s super fast!

So, why would they allow this?

It’s simple: Free promotion for the complete product from which you’ve excerpted the content.

4. TRANSCRIBE your rants

And the final method I want to share is to “transcribe your rants”. That is, record yourself talking about a topic related to your site and then have it transcribed into the actual essay you’ll be distributing.

Don’t discount this idea. Even if you feel disorganized talking off the cuff and like to have everything scripted in advance. You might be amazed at how much content you can create by just talking.

There you have – my formula for creating content extra FAST.

Try one of these techniques today and let me know how it works for you.

(By the way, if you enjoyed this article, you will love the full-blown version in Content Profit Machine. I condensed this one down for you – and it’s just one of the Resource Guides in over 700 pages of fill-in-the-blank templates, swipe files, checklists, case studies, training manuals, and idea starters!)


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