As part of the Inbox launch, there will be two contests – a Leads Contest and a Sales Contest.

Leads Contest
1st-place-sm 1st place in leads
$1,000 for at least 1,000 optins
2nd-place-sm 2nd place in leads
$500 for at least 750 optins
3rd-place-sm 3rd place in leads
$250 for at least 500 optins

Sales Contest

Grand Prize
The ONE person who sells the most (must be at least 500 units) receives MaryEllen’s 2-Day In Office Consultation Services – worth $25,000!
PLUS: One Full Year of Private Phone Consultations. That’s 12 phone calls after her initial visit to your office for a full year! A $50,000 prize!
The Monster Prize
Everyone who sells 250 or more units receives a 2-Day In Office Consultation Services with MaryEllen – worth $25,000!
As you know, many of the top executives out there in the business world today have paid MaryEllen $25,000 plus expenses to spend two days consulting with them in their office. If you sell 250 or more units of Inbox Empire, you get it for FREE! In fact, she’ll even pay her own travel expenses, making the prize value more like $28,000 – (actually it is priceless when you think about what she can do for your business).
maryellen-special-affiliate-giftA Special Gift for Smaller Organizations . . .
Even if you do not win the Grand Prize or the Monster Prize, MaryEllen still wants you to have a special “Thank You” prize.Anyone who sells 100 or more units will be invited to MaryEllen’s Private Mastermind Day in South Florida. This day will be jammed packed with business leaders and members from MaryEllen’s “braggable network.”