MaryEllen has the following products available for promotion by joint venture partners:

  • Inbox Empire – MaryEllen’s proprietary blueprint for how to create an online income using a free digital “inbox magazine”.
  • Content Profit Machine – The ultimate content-writing shortcut to help you write faster, easier and better for a greater business.

Inbox Empire


The Inbox Empire program teaches participants the ins and outs of online magazines; how to set one up, how to make money once it is set up and everything you need to know about growing this business. MaryEllen and her team share years of insight on how to create and maintain a successful and profitable email newsletter, then, promote their online step-by-step program that gives participants all the tools they need to be successful with their own inbox magazine.

IE is a 6-part video training program that covers all the steps of launching your own inbox magazine from scratch.

They get:

  • Handouts, checklists, and cheat sheets for each and every model so you never get lost. The exact same ones MaryEllen uses in her business and gives her high priced consulting clients business.

  • 90 days of Platinum Coaching on MaryEllen’s bi-monthly Q&A calls. (These calls generally run 2 hours and they can ask any question they’d like to ask.)

  • 24/7 access to our members area, where they can seek advice from our team, and fellow members.  (This is their own private community of folks working through the same issues that are there to help each other every step of the way.)

  • A one-on-one private pre-launch strategy session with MaryEllen. So before you they go live and launch their inbox magazine, she will personally review their site and then hop on the phone with them.

Cost, Commissions and EPCs: Cost of the program is three payments of $197 or one payment of $497. Commissions are 35% of payments made up to 100 sales and 50% for sales of 101 and beyond. EPCs range from $4-$18.

Toolbox: Click here to access the promotional tools, emails. links and images.


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Content Profit Machine

The Content Profit Machine program makes it quick and easy for marketers and business owners to write nearly anything:


They get:

  • 6 multi-media modules that explain MaryEllen’s secrets for better writing, including over 700 pages of tips, tutorials, templates and tools.

  • Fill-in-the-blank templates and resources for everything…subject lines, opening paragraphs, closing paragraphs, sales letters, solo mailings, headlines, pre-headlines, post-headlines, bullet points, calls to action, and more.

  • Checklists… to make sure you don’t miss anything when writing your next article or sales letter, even designing your next information product.

  • Videos… MaryEllen took her 30 years of publishing experience and boiled it down into video training to improve your writing.
  • Tutorials… on how to write a better

  • As a special bonus, buyers get access to MaryEllen’s 10 day to do list to write their next promotion.

Cost, Commissions and EPCs: Cost of the program is $297. Commissions are 35% of payments made. EPCs were $5.