My Top Ten Business/Life Pet Peeves

By MaryEllen Tribby

Recently I was being interviewed on the radio in New York City when the host asked me, “What gets you mad, really mad in the business world?” I have to admit, I was a little caught off guard.

You see there really isn’t that many things that get to me. My belief is that everyone is responsible for his or her own actions, reactions and feelings.

I guess it is because I have seen the damage anger and hate can do during my 25 years in business.

Even though I have been lied to and about and have dealt with a couple of backstabbers in my days, I don’t hate the people who committed those immoral acts. Rather I feel sorry for them because business karma exists, and it exists big time. And in the end these people always get what they deserve.

Exuding anger and hate is not only a big waste of time; you give up your power when you hate. We all have better ways, more productive ways to spend our time.

Human Nature Comes A Calling

Later that evening while discussing the interview with a colleague, I was reminded that hating something and pet peeves were two different things.

At first I was pressed to come up with a long list of pet peeves. So after a lot of soul searching, I can admit that there are a few things that really “get my goat”.

So here is the top ten list of my Pet Peeves. I was going to compile two separate lists, one for business and one for my personal life. But like most things in my life, they blend.

My Top Ten Business/Life Pet Peeves

•  People who say “You have no idea” – I know several folks who say this on a regular basis. The reason I don’t like it is because it is condescending and chances are good that I (and you) have plenty of knowledge on the subject.

•  Marketers who teach tactics, subjects, strategies that they have never accomplished – Truth be told this is more than a pet peeve. There are so many fakers and frauds online today. So many claiming to be an expert when they have no track record whatsoever. People who have not “done”, should not teach!

•  Backstabbing/liars – These are the people you need to stay away from. No matter how friendly, endearing or smart they may appear at first. If they have done it once, they will do it again. Look there are many smart, honest folks to work with. Don’t be fooled by the wolves.

•  Men who can’t handle strong women – Successful, secure men do not have issues with strong women. It’s the men who are frauds or insecure. They resent women being their boss and want to change the facts.

•  Women who are intimated by men – For the sake of our children and future generations, women cannot suppress their opinions and thoughts based on their
gender. All women have to stand up and use their voice loudly and proudly.

•  Marketers who think they are CEO material – I am always conflicted when I see this phenomenon. Perhaps because it is amusing and sad at the same time. Just because someone may know how to market does not automatically make them a good businessperson. In fact, most of the time it does not. The sooner the marketer realizes that, the more successful they will be.

•  Non-caring – This is one of the most miserable qualities a person can have. Someone who just does not care breeds discontent.

•  People who operate based on theory versus proven results – Yes, there are actually such narcissistic people who will sabotage an entire business because they can’t stand being wrong.  So instead of testing their theory, they actually change the entire business model based on their theory. And what’s a theory? Maybe a little more than a hunch. When you have a theory, the responsible action is to test it against what is currently working. If it works and wins the test – fantastic, if not you test the next theory while your business is functioning profitability.

•  Copycats – There is a difference between emulating someone and flat out copying everything they do. To be successful in life and business, you have got to be you. In order for people to flock to you, they need to see the authentic you. Not a water-downed version of someone else.

•  People who say “I don’t have time” – Guess what we all have the exact same 24 hours in a day. When I hear people say, I don’t have time to go to the gym or I don’t have time to write a book. I say sure you do, you just choose not to.  There are only 3 things you need to do in order to be productive: 1) Develop a support system, 2) Know your priorities, 3) Make good decisions.

From this day forward if you see any of these qualities creeping up in your life, recognize it and change it.

If you are associating with folks who have the above qualities you need to identify how toxic these qualities are to you. At that point you can either help them overcome it or disassociate.

MaryEllen About MaryEllen

MaryEllen Tribby has helped thousands of people start a new business or grow their existing ones. MaryEllen is the Founder and CEO of, the world’s leading newsletter and website for the empowerment of the working mom. Prior to founding WMO, MaryEllen was Publisher & CEO of Early to Rise and President of Weiss Research where she added millions to their bottom lines in just a few months. She also ran divisions at Forbes, Times Mirror Magazines, and Crain’s New York Business. MaryEllen is the best-selling author of Reinventing the Entrepreneur: Turning Your Dream Business into a Reality and co-author (with Michael Masterson) of Changing the Channel: 12 Easy Ways to Make Millions For Your Business.

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