Deal Making for Dummies

2015-01-21 deal making

By MaryEllen Tribby Last night when I tucked in my 9-year-old daughter Delanie, she told me how much fun she had with me during the day. I asked if us playing tennis together was her favorite part – she replied “no”. So I asked if me taking her shopping was her favorite part – again […]

7 Common Money Myths That Will Leave You Broke

Pamela Yellen, Guest Expert

by Pamela Yellen My husband Larry and I started out like most people.  We paid attention to all the financial gurus and absorbed their “wisdom.”  We worked hard, did all the “right things” we were taught to do, and after twenty years, we ended up again like most people… We lost much of our savings […]

How Much to Pay: Re-examining the Compensation Quandary

2015-01-07 handshake-money

By MaryEllen Tribby So you finally made it to that pivotal point in your business. You know what I’m talking about, that ever so important place of hiring your first employee. You have worked so hard to get to this place but instead of being excited, you’re nervous. Why? Because here comes the money conversation. […]

Protecting the Lifeblood of Your Business

By MaryEllen Tribby You could have endless debates about practically any topic related to the business world. You might argue over the best type of business… A traditional brick-and-mortar business… Or an online information publishing business… Or something in between. You could debate the most important skill set required to run a business. Many will […]

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: The Myths, Mistakes and Magic of Merchant Accounts?

By MaryEllen Tribby I love business. I love my business. I would conservatively say that 90% of the time, I have good productive days in business. And I will honestly admit that the 10% of time that I want to kick anyone who is around me, it usually has to do with a merchant account […]

My Approved Business Vendors

There are two main questions I get on a regular basis from my high-end consulting clients. The first is about how I structure my day. They ask because, they are amazed by my ability to get all the important tasks done and done well. The second question is who are my vendors? Whom do I […]

My Secret to Saving Time

Jimmy D. Brown

By Jimmy Brown “Argh.” That’s the sound that escaped from my lips a few times as I struggled to make sense of my new software purchase. What a great tool – but worthless if I didn’t get over this stumbling block! I felt so frustrated as I scrolled through the instruction manual. All I needed […]

The Fab Five: Men Who Changed My Course and Helped Me Achieve Business Success

By MaryEllen Tribby “You’re crazy. I am still sleeping at 7:30! Why would you set up a daily meeting that early?” Ted said. “You’re the president of the company… Why don’t you do it on your schedule?” Ted’s reaction was not an unusual one when I mentioned to colleagues that I had a standing phone […]

A Rose By Any Other Name

By MaryEllen Tribby The hard cold truth is names matter and here’s why. You may have heard of the expression, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but the reality is people do judge books by their covers, and they do the same thing with all products, services and websites including yours. Here’s why you […]

Living the Laptop Lifestyle: How to Leave 9 to 5 Behind and Make More Money


By MaryEllen Tribby In this presentation I share: What a Laptop Lifestyle is What a Laptop Lifestyle is NOT How you can embark on your own Laptop Lifestyle as early as TODAY! And how this will help your business grow! Witness it right here!