Getting Up to Speed on Audience Hot Buttons

By Bob Bly In every industry and field, there are “hot buttons.” These are major issues of concern to the majority of people in the business. Some hot buttons, such as complying with EPA regulations, are ongoing concerns. Others, like the subprime mortgage crisis, are temporary conditions. Either way, speakers must be aware of the […]

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Give Away My Products

By Bob Bly Do you remember Wimpy, the character on the cartoon Popeye? He was always mooching from the luncheonette where he ate, asking the proprietor: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Well, QN is the Wimpy on my subscriber list! A few weeks ago, he e-mailed me this message: “I hope […]

Prospecting with Scissors

By Bob Bly Though I don’t think I invented it, I’m one of an extremely small group of people who use this little-known marketing channel to stay in touch with clients and prospects. I call it “strategic clipping.” How it works is simple…. Whenever you come across an article in a magazine or newspaper that […]

The Worst Prospecting Technique Ever Invented

By Bob Bly This happens to me with some regularity: A person emails to criticize something I have produced — often a book, ebook, info product, or one of my landing pages or web sites. Sometimes they are nice … but more often, a bit snarky. And wouldn’t you know it, almost all of these […]

Add Value to Your Presentations with Audience Handouts

By Robert W. Bly When speaking to a group, must you have a leave-behind handout? For a keynote to a large audience at a conference or meeting, a handout could be considered optional, although I would opt for having one. In virtually every other speaking situation, a handout is highly recommended if not absolutely mandatory. […]

How to Get Information Products to Sell Online Free — Without Writing a Single Word!

By Robert W. Bly There are only three basic things you need to make money online: products to sell, a means of selling them, and an audience to buy your merchandise. For people who want to get started in the growing and wildly popular field of selling information online, getting info products to sell is […]

What is a Landing Page and Why Do You Need a Great One?

By Robert W. Bly A “landing page” – also known as a micro site or sales page – is a single web page designed solely to convert traffic. By “traffic,” we mean people clicking onto the page. The traffic can be generated from a variety of sources including banner ads, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, e-mail marketing, […]