Long Live the King

By MaryEllen Tribby The “A listers” already know it. They may not always admit it, mainly because A+ copywriters have healthy egos and that’s ok. They know that “Copy is King”. And that there are three components that govern the success of any promotion: the quality of the list and media you select, the offer […]

Love Plus Logic Equals GREAT Marketing

By MaryEllen Tribby Every good marketer I know loves marketing. They read as much as they can about it. They understand the elements that make up a good marketing campaign and are thinking of ways to make each campaign better. However, every great marketer I know not only loves marketing but also understands that marketing […]

The Do’s & Don’ts Every Start–up MUST Follow in Order to Prosper

By MaryEllen Tribby Every company is different; not only in the niche they serve or the business model they follow, but in personality and intellect as well. This is especially true in the start-up phase. Start-ups operate differently from companies that have been around for decades. They are more fragile and require more blood, sweat […]

These Shoes Ain’t Just Made for Walkin’: The Cause Marketing Biz Model

By MaryEllen Tribby “I know it’s a lot of money, but for every pair of shoes purchased, a pair is donated to help kids all over the world who can’t afford shoes.” These were the words of my 13-year-old daughter as she was convincing me to buy her not one, not two, but three pairs […]

Why 99% of People Will Never Make Money With Social Media

By MaryEllen Tribby Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, yada, yada, yada! Ninety-nine percent of the time these “cool” new tactics are going to be worthless to your business. That’s right, they will not yield you one red cent! Why? Because any tactic will only work when you understand the underlying, fundamental strategy. And the strategy […]