The 7-Figure Webinar Model

 By Russell Brunson

Today I want to share the blueprint you need to make at least 7 figures next year with my webinar model.

First, let me tell you the main three secrets to a successful webinar model:

  • It’s all about the script.
  • You have to understand the business model behind the webinar.
  • You have to do it live until _____.

Secret number 1: It’s all about the scripts. Have you tried webinars in the past? Or tele-seminars? Or you’ve spoken on stage and you’ve done the whole thing without results. Right?

When I got into this business 12 years ago, I wanted to learn how to be a public speaker. I didn’t know it at the time though.

I went to an internet marketing seminar, and I saw this guy speaking from stage. In the end he told people to run to the back and buy his thing. All these people ran to the back and I was counting, doing the math. He sold a $2,000 package and I’m counting, and it’s like, 2, 4, 6, 8. He made $80,000 in 90 minutes. The next speaker got up. He did his thing, and he sold. I saw that thing happen over and over again all weekend.

I told myself, ‘I have to learn how to do this.’

And I assumed that because I had really good content, I’d be an amazing presenter. So when I was invited to go to a seminar, I got on stage and started speaking,

I did my whole thing the way that I thought would be the best. I delivered the best content I knew possible and we launched it. I finished, I did my close and nobody, not one person got up to go to the back of the room. It was really awkward.

Typically, when you get done speaking someone turns music on. No one turned music on, nobody moved. It was an awkward silence and I awkwardly just walked off the stage. I walked to the back of the room, and people shook my hand.

Then I went to my hotel room and I literally locked myself in my hotel room for the next 2 days because I didn’t want to see anybody. I watched movies and ate Haagen-Dazs ice cream for 2 days.

It was the most humiliating thing in the world. I told myself, ‘I will never try and sell from stage again no matter what.’

Then a little while later, I saw people doing it and realized, ‘I have to figure this out.’

Over the next 10 years of my life, over a decade, I think I’ve been to about 12 different public speaking trainings on how to sell from stage. Then I went out there and I did it. Hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of times.

Based on those experiences, we actually built a script that I call The Perfect Webinar.

When you have this script you can sell pretty much anything. This is literally 10 years of me standing in front of a stage and embarrassing myself. Learning something, trying something else and going back and forth and back and forth. This is probably the best gift I could ever give anyone.

Secret number 2 is that you must understand the business model behind a successful webinar funnel.

This is how the webinar model works for 7 figures. First, we do a live webinar every single Thursday for the foreseeable future.

Then we have to get people to the event, right?

So what happens is, on Monday, and on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, our main goal is getting people to register for this event that’s happening on Thursday. That’s the whole focus.

If we started on Sunday, people would not remember who we are by Thursday. So we do not start ads until Monday. Monday we start ads. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we push ads to the Thursday webinar.

On Thursday, we get on the webinar and follow the perfect webinar script. We crush it, and make a bunch of money. Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, these 3 days we focus on converting the people who missed the webinar, or didn’t buy or whatever, and convince them to buy. This is the webinar model.

We have a goal to get a thousand people registered for the webinar each week. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we’re focusing on Facebook ads, solo ads, email ads, joint ventures, everything possible to get a thousand people to register.

If I get a thousand people to register, typically about 25 percent show up which means 250 people show up. For 250 people typically I’m going to close 10 percent of people, or about 25 people buy.

If we are selling a $1,000 product, that is $25,000 we’ll make live on Thursday.

Our advertising costs are averaging about $3 – $5 dollars per registrant. So for me to get a thousand people online I spend between 3K and 5K. That’s the model right? So I spend 5K and I make 25K which is a five times return on investment.

In addition, if we follow up with the people who didn’t order, we can double the sales to $50,000 plus we added a thousand people to our email list. If we do this every week for a year, that would be $2.6 million in sales and a mailing list of 52,000.

This is the webinar model that can fuel your entire business.

The third secret is you have to do the webinar live. You must do this webinar live.

Everyone tells me, ‘Russell, I’m going to build the perfect webinar, just automate it and it will be awesome.’ Okay, that amazing in the perfect world, but in the world we all live in, it doesn’t work that way.

For example, when we launched ClckFunnels I did the very first presentation at an event. We closed 33 percent of the room, which was terrific results.

The next day I was leaving and a lady said, ‘Russell, that was awesome. The only problem is that I don’t have a supplement company. So ClickFunnels won’t really work for me.’

I asked her, ‘What do you mean?’ She said, ‘Well you talked about all these supplement companies and I don’t have one so it won’t work for me.’
So I asked, ‘What do you do?’ She said, ‘I’m a coach,’ and I told her, ‘You can use ClickFunnels for the coaching business.’ She was surprised, ‘Really?’

I told her about my coaching funnels and my book funnels. ‘Are you kidding me? Me and 3 of my friends all wanted to buy but we didn’t have supplements.’ So they ran to buy Clickfunnels, and I realized I didn’t even think about that.

So I went back and I changed my presentation.

I added a bunch of slides to address that concern. Then we did the first live webinar to about 600 people. I made about $30,000 from the webinar.

What was interesting was I had 4 hours before my second webinar to sell the same thing. So I went through all the questions people asked me and started tweaking the presentation. When I did the webinar this time to a smaller audience, we ended up making $120,000 on the webinar 4 hours later.

So the reason you have to do the webinar live is so you can get feedback from your listeners and use it to make your presentation better and better. In fact, I’ve done that presentation live between 30 and 40 times!

Then you can automate your webinar, but first you have to do it live until you have perfected your pitch.

So you can use these three secrets to add a huge revenue boost to your bottom line this year with your own perfect webinar.


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