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The Three Key Components of Direct Response

By MaryEllen Tribby

On January 6, 2017 I received this email from Dan Kuscell (Joe Polish’s right hand man):

Hey MaryEllen- Happy New Year!

I imagine you’re off and running to start the year!

We featured your amazing talk from our Annual Event a couple years ago on I Love Marketing: Three Key Components of Direct Response Marketing.

This is full of wisdom… and hopefully you can share this with your audience too… 😉

You’re one of the smartest biz minds around so you probably don’t need any copy for this – however I couldn’t help myself to make it more ELF (Easy, Lucrative, Fun) for you (:-)

And just a few days ago, I received this email from Matthew Sikich regarding that very same presentation:

MaryEllen’s information was BRILLIANT!

She provided more “TAKE HOME” info in 10 minutes than most any other speaker/trainer I have ever heard!


Well I knew I need to share this presentation with you. So here are the show notes and you can listen/watch the presentation by clicking on the link at anytime.


  • What is Direct Response Marketing?
  • How Direct Response Marketing compares to Branding (and which one you want to focus on)
  • Direct Response Marketing Channels you can be using
  • The 3 Components of Every Direct Response Marketing Campaign
  • The biggest myths about the copy, offer, and list – and the most important to focus on
  • The 60:30:10 Rule and why you don’t sell lingerie to lumberjacks
  • The Most Desirable Traffic Online: __________ Traffic
  • The Biggest Problems with Joint Venture and Affiliate Traffic and what you can be doing instead
  • Why Buying Your Way In helps you build a long term sustainable business
  • The Key Components of Media Buying and using a data card
  • The difference between an email and direct mail data card – and what to look for
  • Why split testing your creative is important in your campaigns
  • The little known (and critical) question to ask your list broker about a given list: (HINT: Usage)
  • Why you must be a detective when reviewing lists and data cards
  • Where you can find lists, directories, and more
  • Analysis of a $17 Million Case Study and why relying on joint ventures can cost you over 60% of your revenue
  • The strategy you can put in place to engage your audience
  • A key strategy to identify what to focus on with your clients (HINT: separate your ______ from your _________)

By the way – folks who came to this event, paid $10,000!

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